FTC's 5 seed ecosystem

Just as any agricultural enterprise needs to be aware of and strive to balance the different elements needed to farm successfully – soil, seed, sun, water, and air.

So an urban farming venture needs to do the same. If one or more of the 5 Seeds is missing, then the “farm” will be unsuccessful.


1. Urban Earth

The urban earth is any available open, unused, or abandoned space. It may be rooftops, derelict buildings, parks, veld, pavements, etc. Anywhere/anything that can be cultivated.


2. Urban Environment

Urban Space/Environment and the Resources available is the context, the setting, for all of urban life. When abused the foundation or the city is undermined; when respected and nurtured, the city is sustained and can thrive.

3. Urban Economy

Economics is most probably the biggest driving factor of any city. It both shapes and is shaped by the city, it can sustain or it can destroy.

4. Urban Future

The sharing of knowledge and ideas (Education) is food for future city growth, just as the Youth are the ones that will inherit the city and direct her future.

5. Urban Community

The population of a city is the heart. Collectively they give the city life; they inhabit it, direct it, grow it.